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June 01, 2010


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edi integration

EDI is a mature technology but application is broad. Every type of industry can benefit from EDI integration. IBM may rethink about business opportunity.


I know the post is long in the tooth, but my 2 cents:

EDI as implemented by today's VANs is a waning modality, but still throws of about two billion a year in communications services and related solutions sales, however you slice and dice it. The push towards direct peering As2 and E2.0 centric hubs (my trading partners only, not a globally accesible commerce messaging system) is a symptom of deteriorating sentiment against the VANs, who have not innovated a damn thing in years. With the exception of the new era B2B service providers of the multi-tenant crowd, and one small but potent API provider (Loren Data Corp), there is a lack of vigor in classical B2B services.

IBM sold a VAN (IE) to Francisco, it was added to GXS, as was Inovis, and stil, not much has changed. But there are surprising opportunities for private capital to succeed with just such innovators - as we see with SPS Commerce who recently IPO'd, and the aforementioned Loren Data Corp, singled out for uncompensated praise by Gartner's Ben L'hreaus for bringing the only EEDI API to market, now being put to E2,0 goodness by the likes of NetEDI of UK, and other notable fast movers, taking the E2.o playbook to the staid supply chain market.

Todd Gould, the founder of Loren Data, continues to innovate despite being a bootstrapped entrepreneur, as he and his loyal band of 5 carries on a gargantuan crusade against consolidation in the sector, and a word will suffice for the initiated.

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