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October 19, 2008


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Michael Schwager

.... Perhaps you should rename your blog, "Investment opinion on the leading enterprise software suppliers." That would be a lot more accurate.

Stuart MacDonald

Linux was created by Linux Torvalds. This is well-known documented history. It's time to print an apology to Linus and a retraction and an explanation of how it is you did 0 research before writing this might be required ....



This might possibly be the most MISINFORMED article about Linux ever written. Please go check your facts (even something as simple as wikipedia will set you straight).

you aren't even CLOSE on the origins of Linux.

Dennis Byron

Thanks for the comments.

Sorry you don't get the point of the footnote but the whole OSF/Minix/ACC Corp/GNU/Apache/OSDL/Linux Foundation thing is a little bit too complex for a blog post...

And yes, of course it is an opinion. That's what a blog is.

-- Dennis

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