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September 18, 2008


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Glyn Moody

Well, as far as a "special European relationship to open source" is concerned, what I also had in mind was the sharing that lies at the heart of free software, and the abiding importance of socialism to European politics and culture.

But since the US government has recently embraced socialism itself by nationalising banking and insurance companies, I suppose that argument no longer holds....

Dennis Byron

FYI, to other readers, Glyn is the anti-American blogger from ComputerworldUK mentioned in the above post.

He might have meant to say something about socialism but what he said was proprietary software "almost exclusively" originates in the U.S. and Europe makes an "especially strong contribution" to open source software.

Both claims are demonstrably in error.

I guess that's why he branched out into some illogical eurobabble about culture and total non sequiturs about Fannie Mae.

-- Dennis

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