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May 14, 2008


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The Open Sourcerer

"If it wasn’t for the implied association with terrorism it would be funny."

There is only one (and clearly very ignorant) person who would draw such an implication...

Jeez, get out a bit.

Oh, yes. M$ is screwing you and everyone else... It's just that you can't see that. Wake up and smell the coffee.

(the writer of this post is either a digiterrorist him or herself, buying into the Open Standards propaganda frofm Sun and IBM, or simply a guy trying to make a buck by tying his blog to his business. I am guessing the latter. Why is that these digiterrorists have to use ad hominem attacks and expletives to express themselves. Could it be that their arguments have no substance? - Dennis)


NoOOXML was a cheap initiative, only 12 Euros:


And those guys are real terrorists, at least when they show their guns, someone starts to be scared.

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